Civic Life

All West Tennesseans should have the opportunity to participate in making decisions that affect their district. I’ve offered my personal phone number to nearly everyone I’ve met during this campaign. If you feel like you’ve never had a voice in politics before, you’ll get one with me.

I promise to hold regular town hall meetings to hear from anyone in the district who wants to tell me what’s important to them and what they want me to do about it.

The money in politics has gotten out of control and has taken away the power of everyday people to decide who represents them. It has given that power instead to ultra-rich and corporate special interests.  It’s time to put a stop to that and put the people back in control. We can start by overturning Citizens United and moving towards publicly financed elections.

We should decrease barriers to voting by implementing automatic voter registration for citizens on their eighteenth birthday. We should automatically reinstate voting rights upon release for folks who have been involved with the justice system.

Early voting periods should be extended and fair, and polling locations should be expanded to be sure people are able to make their voices heard as easily as possible.

I will do everything I can to establish a state-level nonpartisan election commission to ensure that our districts are created fairly and that they accurately represent the communities within them.

Jennifer Krouse