A great education is the building block for success in life and for our communities. I believe in giving teachers the resources they need to educate our children. I believe in fully funding early childhood education. And I believe that students of all backgrounds should be able to go as far with their education as they want to, without going into insurmountable debt.  Anything else will perpetuate the cycles of poverty and segregation that have survived for too long in this country.

We must fully fund early childhood education programs so the children of West Tennessee don’t start from behind. Public school educators need to receive the resources they need to help prepare the next generation of citizens to be competitive in the 21st Century global market.

I don’t support school vouchers, because we need to strengthen the schools we have, not divert resources to private schools and other entities that don’t need taxpayer funding to survive.

We must remove law enforcement from the disciplinary process in our schools and break the school-to-prison pipeline.

We must also increase funding for research at our universities in order to pioneer future innovations here at home and attract world class talent to our communities.

Most of all, we should pay our teachers an amount that attracts world class talent and is worthy of a person who educates our children.

Jennifer Krouse