Healthcare is a right that should be guaranteed to all West Tennesseans. Getting the care you need shouldn’t depend on where you live, or the political winds in Washington or Nashville. We need a long-term solution to provide affordable healthcare in this country. Part of that includes expanding Medicare so that we don’t see any more rural hospital closures in West Tennessee.

  • All West Tennessee communities should have a hospital, regional or urgent medical center within a 30-minute drive.
  • These medical facilities should be equipped to handle the mental health needs of their communities.
  • Preventative care, not simply pain and symptom management, should be the cornerstone of healthcare in our communities.
  • West Tennesseans should have access to the medications and treatments they need at reasonable costs. People should not have to choose between their health and putting food on the table.
  • We must pass legislation to control price-gouging pharmaceutical companies. Tennesseans should pay no more for life-saving drugs and treatments than folks in other states and countries.
  • We must not only protect Medicare and Medicaid, but also enhance both programs. We must ensure that no one falls through the cracks while we are working to get the healthcare system that we deserve.
  • We must value and respect the control that individuals have over their bodies. We must not impose the private beliefs of legislators on their constituents.
Jennifer Krouse