Opioid Crisis

I’ve spent much of my career helping people and families who struggle with addiction and its effects. Those stories move me most of all when I hear them in West Tennessee. The epidemic of opioid and other drugs use is a pubic health crisis that we can't afford to ignore. I promise to direct all the resources I can to help provide treatment to folks struggling with addiction, and to help give them a path to success in our communities.

Addiction is a disease.  As a social worker and addiction specialist, I want to treat the addiction, not just prosecute the people who are afflicted with it.

Drug companies need to be held accountable for pushing addictive drugs and for distributing more than are needed for legitimate medical treatment.

Doctors should be encouraged to recommend and provide alternative treatments that won’t result in a person in pain becoming a person with an addiction.

Families need to have access to support services so they can stay healthy themselves and get help for loved ones who are in a crisis.

Jennifer Krouse