Second Amendment

We can respect the Constitution while also supporting a culture of firearm responsibility.

Guns are tools, not toys, and owning them is a right, not an unlimited privilege.

Firearms are first and foremost machines designed to take life. So if people want to buy one, it’s fair to make sure they are mentally and physically capable of safely handling the gun they want to purchase.

Buyers should qualify for the firearms they want to own before they can buy them. If we make people take a test to drive a car, we should be doing at least that much before they can own a gun.

Accidental gun deaths are 100% preventable. West Tennesseans should receive a tax credit for purchasing a gun safe or locker. We should encourage the development of a culture of firearm responsibility.

We must ban the sale of unregistered gun parts that can be used to build untraceable weapons. No responsible gun owner should need to hide their identity.

Jennifer Krouse