The Environment

Protecting the environment and building a strong economy are not mutually exclusive. West Tennessee should be on the forefront of adopting and building booming technologies like solar and wind farms; those industries will benefit the environment and provide jobs for generations to come.

We should encourage and invest in the research and technology that will help reduce greenhouse gasses and other emissions that are affecting our health and our planet.

We must transition from dirty energy sources in order to ensure our grandchildren and great-grandchildren have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.

At the same time, we have to prepare for a world that is changing, and changing in unpredictable ways.  The horrible hurricanes and other storms over the past decade are getting increasingly common. We should be planning ahead to try to make our cities and communities less vulnerable to those types of events.

I want to see all of our communities prepared and protected from disasters by striving to have 100% sustainably powered communities—because if disaster strikes, our communities should have the tools to be self-sufficient until help comes.

We must develop new and more advanced battery technology in order to power the energy needs of the future.

Jennifer Krouse